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laotan (203)

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Journal of laotan (203)

Tuesday September 03, 02

successful upgrades to cvs branch

07:41 AM
Tips and Tricks
so after what felt like a rather rapid summer, this labour day weekend i was finally able to put aside some time to again attempt an upgrade to the cvs branch.

this time i was successful, thanks in large part to the development of the sql/mysql/upgrades file.
however one thing that was missing from it, that i added was the line:
INSERT into users_hits (uid) select uid from users;
which was the last touch to ensure that previous users were imported.

the rest was fairly straight forward, with various tinkering needed, but nothing too serious. outside of the obvious; which is ensuring proper configuration (especially of topics and sections), the main thing i'm going to focus on now is the use of sections and subsections. i'm hoping this will allow me to collapse a few slash sites into one.

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  • I've added your comment about the missing line to the upgrades file. BTW have you looked at the include_theme feature? It makes for easy upgrading of templates.

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • it's great that you've had luck with this. I've not had the time to try it for a few months.

    your comment regarding moving a few slashsites into one caught my attention - I'm hoping to do the *exact* same thing. I got into a discussion on irc with someone a few months back about it, and they were saying it'd be near impossible.

    I don't believe impossible. I think it'd be very difficult :). I'm wondering how much thought/planning you've given it, or if you've even tried this.

    It would help me drop a few dom
    lottadot []
    • Its really not that hard. I recently did this with all of my sites. I had to setup themes to make the upgrades work, but once I did that everything worked quite well.

      We are pretty close to making upgrading from CVS a reality. Which I think is the long term way to go.

      You can't grep a dead tree.
    • it was the use of subsections that got me thinking about it. i believe []
      uses subsections, however only along side as yet does not have it. i think i'll prolly write a patch if i get around to it this week.

      as far as importing sites, i did a lot of update set subsection wehre section equals stuff. got me to get into some neat mysql :)