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Mac OS X

posted by Krow on 02:17 AM June 28th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
therhino writes "Does anybody really have Slash running on Mac OS X (or OS X Server)? The topic keeps coming up but no one seems to be able to provide any details. I"m really interested in getting it running, but I'm far too stupid to do it without help. Can anyone post some explicit instructions? Thanks!"
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  • I tried for a couple of weeks to get it to install on osX. I modified the install-slashsite script a bit, tweaked a few other things, and it all seemed to be going along fine. but it seems that when expat installs, it sets itself up as a static library, not a shared library. this caused an error with XML::Parser that I don't have the knowledge to deal with. So I gave up, purchased redhat 7.1 and two days later was up and running. I might try again now that I have learned a bit more about how all this works.
  • I tried to get it installed on my OS X machine, and no luck. I was able to compile MySQL no problem, but the Mod_perl/Apache stuff and Perl libraries seemed to fail to compile. I don't remember why. I stopped messing with it cause I was wasting too much time on it.........

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