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Images Within Comments

posted by Krow on 01:16 PM June 3rd, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I've asked this before, but I've never gotten a solid answer.

Why is it that, even after I add "IMG" to the approvedtags variable, users still cannot include images in their comments? I've restarted slash and apache, but the results are always the same.

Now, some of you might be wondering why I would want to do this. I've heard all of the concerns about security, but every forum software package I've seen includes this feature. Aside from wanting to let my users pretty up the page for me, I'd really like to start doing Photoshop contests and whatnot, without having to fall back upon a simple text link to their images.

If anyone could provide a solution or at least point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.
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