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Put a chat in slahscode

posted by Krow on 02:39 PM January 31st, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I was wondering about putting a chat in (slash 2.0). Any experience on this?
Yes i know that can be problematic for the site (mixing asynchronic with synchronic communication) but will be a good place to help registered users.

The idea is to call a chat in another window, the login will be the same nick of the user (the chat will be only for registered users). It will be a web chat coded in Perl or better in mod-perl

This will be a way to promote the registration of the users too.

Sorry for my english. I wait for your help in programs, possibly slash plugin or whatever.
Xavier de Blas

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  • Xavier,

    I have thought about this myself a few times... I am not sure if the wouldn't be better implemented with some sort of chat serverlet combined with a slash plugin to manage it.

    Most of the website based chat tools I've seen hit the database every single time a person says something, stores them in there in a temporary table and eventually deletes the rows as x amount of lines of entries have hit. On a small site that isn't a real big problem but imagine the results of running a chat on /.

    I did dig up a few Perl based chat scripts on Hotscripts here [] though I never implemented any of them as this is not a very high priority on my todo list :)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Finally i coded the chat in Perl .
    If there's someone who help me we can make a plugin with this.
    Is very easy to use.
    I just don't find a solution for knowing if a user has left the chat (have to think).
    It's only for logged in users.
    If you wanna try, go to []
      and log as "usuari_prova" password "usuari_prova"
    No one knows it now, probably if you try you will be alone
    If there's someone interested, email me at thanks