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Customizing user interface

posted by Krow on 11:44 AM February 26th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Primetime writes "First time posting. My story: I am working on a new site for a community of computer gamers. We are going to utilize slash as within our primary design and interface. I have been working with the .tpl files playing with the general look and feel to blend it with our concept. I am good with the html markup, but I am novice with the behind the scenes as this point. I guess the first question is what resources are with the slash community that I can draw on for this. Are others blending and changing the front end?

My next question: Current setup of any story listed on the homepage show the titlebar then the story and to the right is the topic icon for that story. I would like to move that. Not far but I would like to include that in the titlebar right of the title. basicaly adding another cell to hold it. I am going to be using custom topic images that will be a standard size. (40x40 pixels ~) When working with the template files I simply copied the code from story.tpl into the titlebar.tpl file. The main issue is that the topic_id is not being located so it see the image to the right of the story but the image in the titlebar will not display thought the story_id will link to the correct story just fine. Just won't display the topic icon.

Okay... If any of this is understandable and or you want to see what I am trying to do I have it in development online and can show you. I would prefer that you contact me by email ( and maybe we can chat while reviewing it."
Personally, I would wait about two weeks, and just use a beta for the moment to get your design done. I would also get the latest from CVS.

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  • ya, like you say mon, we *all* been changin the interface.

    you might wanna be checking out the other slash sites and get some ideas..

    peeple been reeeel busy