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Only new headlines

posted by Krow on 05:57 AM August 23rd, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I have two suggestions that I think would be really cool. I've listed them after a short story of what prompted the ideas.

I keep a mozilla window with slashdot in it on one of my virtual desktops all the time. I open interesting stories in their own tab leaving the first tab solely for slashdot. Whenever I refersh the page I have to scroll down to find the last headline that I read and start reading up from there. Sound familiar? Sometimes it gets complicated when I don't find the last headline I read and have to go back and look at the older stuff for what I might have missed. My quick fix suggestion first then, my really cool suggestion.

1) Previous 10 headlines button.
2) A Last_Headline_Read field stored in my cookie. If the site remembers that I'm logged in it should be able to remember the last headline that I read. It would be cool if, when I refreshed the page, slashdot only displayed the new headlines!

Just a thought...
   Thanks for the awesome work you guys do.

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