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Make Money Fast: Will Pay Money For Slas

posted by Krow on 08:25 AM March 22nd, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Alex Edelstein writes "We are making good progress on getting our little not-for-profit slash site up at However, our current perl coders are thrashed with their day jobs, and we need to increase our stable of available contract bug fixers. If there are coders out there with slashcode experience interested in picking up some extra bucks doing hourly work on our site, word to Alex"
This comes up from time to time. Would it help if I created a section, or some sort of want ads?
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    A wanted section for things like this and adding the consulting links you mentioned as a possibility in the 'Consulting for Installs' piece would be helpful...
  • I think it would be helpful if there were a section where pending projects could be offered and consultants could respond. I don't see that much need for an area where consultants can talk about themselves, outside the context of posted needs.

    One of the issues that I see developing is the tendency of people wanting to operate Slash sites to contract only the installation, and to budget only a few hours for that. In our experience doing this sort of work, this approach is not necessarily in the client's best interest and definitely a challenging way to do consulting from a profitability perspective. I wrote a story on that discusses the way we screen projects [], if anyone is interested.



    Dave Aiello
    Chatham Township Data Corporation []