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Feature request: More Flexible Threshold Views

posted by Krow on 07:09 AM July 27th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
timothy writes "Partly because I frequently read / edit Slashdot on a miserably low-bandwidth connection ;) (19.2k merlin! Yay! Much faster than pigeons!), I've long wished I could view story comments somewhat more flexibly.

For instance: I'd like to be able to read all of the comments rated at either 1 or 2 sometimes (or from 0 to 3, say), to search out trollish posts or good but underrated ones. The low-bandwidth plays into this (because I can't moderate if the page doesn't load all the way down to the "moderate" button at the bottom) but even on a high-speed connection, when there are hundreds of comments, sometimes I'd like to read a bounded range of comments at a time ...

As it is now, a reader / moderator can restrict in only one direction at a time (that is, read at a lower threshold), but being able to restrict the other way as well would be nice.

Hope someone likes this idea :)


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