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Intl characters zipped in RSS feeds

posted by Krow on 01:48 PM September 5th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
mauri writes "All slashboxes which contain local newsfeeds somehow "encrypt" international characters. For example ü becomes ü, ä becomes ä, etc. If I understand correctly it has something to do with UTF-8 vs. Unicode character mapping. Is there a way to fix it in my side ? I imagine there are multitudes of slash sites who use intl characters, how have you all solved this ?"
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  • Write a fix, since nobody else managed to do so yet.

    On our 1.0.9 installation we've made some changes so that we at least can fetch such "broken" newsfeeds, but they still display those nasty characters.

    This (i18n) is one of the main reasons we haven't switched yet to a newer version of Slash. We don't want to do the translations and customizations twice or three times, so we wait for the 2.4 version where hopefully there's even better support for i18n and l10n.


    -- []: YAGSS - yet another German slash si