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Translation Guide?

posted by Krow on 06:07 PM June 1st, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Is there any guide on how to translate slashcode (interface, at least the one seen by the users) to some other language?

Is the slashcode written so that can be easily translated to some other languages (UTF-8 not required) ?


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  • I have only used a successfully translated version (to UTF8 Chinese), provided by Elixus []. They did it by going through all the templates and plugins, and some code, to find each message and translate them. That's not very easy, I think.

    They do have some suggestions on how to improve this [].
  • You will need to translate the templates [] in the standard slashcode theme.

    In each template, there is also a language setting:


    that you can set.

    What I would do, I think, is create a theme, that's identical to slashcode's stock theme, but has it's own templates. You can link everything non-template, in the theme, back to the stock slashcode theme even.
    (for an example of how such a theme can be built, see this theme [] . note that this theme has nothing to do with languages, it's just a theme that
    lottadot []