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Installing Slashcode without Root Privileges

posted by Krow on 01:37 PM March 4th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
I have a question, and I'm not exactly sure where to ask it. Is it possible for Slashcode to be installed without root privileges on a normal user account? Can the required Perl modules be installed in a subdirectory of Slashcode?

Any information or responses in the form of comments to the above two questions is appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance!
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  • I'm not going to say that it cannot be done (because as soon as I do, someone will find a way to do it) but I am wondering how you'd get around slashd having to run, and also how you'd get access to the apache.conf to add the slash includes.

    "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender
    • well... slashd needs to run as nobody. You could probably run it as your own user instead... You could also have your own copy of apache running as long as it's on an unreserved port ( > 1024)... It will be fun to install though ;-)

      --patience et longueur de temps font plus que force ni que rage--

      • Right, but I can't imagine this being worth the time and effort... Not when we can set up anyone in minutes for $24.95 a month. :-)

        "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender
      • I too am looking to run slash as a normal user under an account from How would I get my own copy of apache running in this case? I'm just looking to set up a small site for political activism and feel a /. like site best suits my needs (and the needs of the movement I'm attempting to start). ATM I have a decent but not very fluid layout at [].
        • Well, I suppose you COULD try setting it up in a jail system. How much filespace do you have?

          "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender
          • 25MB. Not much I know, but I am suspecting I don't need much, and if this works, I'll be cleaning out the 7MB of stuff already in the account. As for setting it up in a jail system, paint me clueless.
            • Also, if I can get this working, once I get MY server up and running, I'll technically have unlimited space (100GB hdd).
              • You're better off waiting until you have the space then. I don't see how we could do a usable jail system in 25 mb.

                "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender