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Machine-Automated Slash Posting and Moderation?

posted by Cliff on 04:45 PM February 19th, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
automatic-slash asks: "I am new to slash development, and interested in 'automatic, machine-automated content filtering, posting, and machine moderation of threaded discussions.' A couple of questions come to mind. What parts (which source modules) of Slash are responsible for content posting, and discussion moderation (assuming these would be the ones in need of modification for the above purposes)? Any thoughts on how a completely machine-automated Slash system might work? If a group of us eventually makes the above-described modifications, would it be possible (likely?) that they would be incorporated as options into Slash? I know that my description of 'machine-automated content filtering, posting, and moderation' is extremely vague! Please bear with me! I'm looking for a place to get started on this, so any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated, and help with formulating more specific questions and proposals." While it might be slightly more work, it might be better to think about identifying the necessary parts from the first question, and then seeing if this functionality can be placed into a Plugin/Theme combination, rather than trying to change the core modules. Of course, for informational purposes, if any of you Slash developers can identify all of the places in the code responsible for content posting and moderation, it might help others who need this information.
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  • "machine-automated content filtering, posting, and moderation" is incredibly vague. too vague, imho.

    Give us a description of something - a few examples of what you want it to do. Just something to go by.

    You're more apt to get the information you're looking for if people don't have to guess and read your mind :)

    lottadot []
  • use.perl [] does something similar by posting the daily module updates. I'm not sure how they do it, but maybe they'd share some code or it's already shared somewhere?
  • Something similar to how a Bayesian filter sorts SPAM? Using filtering techniques on posts that DID make it through moderation, allow slashcode to automatically submit the post if those criteria are met. You'd also have to match word account against posts that had already made it through though, as several people might try to submit the same (or very similar) post.