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MySQL Compilation Issues with gcc Version 2.96

posted by Krow on 04:47 AM May 31st, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I am in the process of building a new machine with Slash 2.2.5 on it. In order to ensure that I don't make any mistakes, I am following the instructions printed in Running Weblogs with Slash and the INSTALL file that came with the Slash distribution.

Regarding mySQL, "The Running Weblogs with Slash" book says "Choose a nearby mirror, follow the Downloads link, and look for the specific release mentioned in the Slash INSTALL file (usually the current stable version). Download the tarball to the source directory, then unpack it...." The Slash 2.2.5 INSTALL file calls for mySQL 3.23.42. The nearest version I could find to that is 3.23.49, which I assume is OK.

However, on the mySQL 3.23.49 Download Page under "Source downloads" , a section printed in red says: "Compiler advisory: Several of our users have reported random crashes and table corruption with MySQL binaries compiled with gcc 2.96 on the x86 Linux platform. Although we were unable to duplicate the problems ourselves or understand their exact cause, we suspect with a great degree of confidence that the problem was compiler related. Replacing the faulty binary with our binary always eliminated the problem. We recommend that MySQL be compiled with gcc 2.95 if you have to compile your own binary at all."

The page goes on to say that gcc 2.96 (standard on RedHat 7.x and Mandrake 8.x) should be downgraded before the source is compiled. Is downgrading the gcc compiler to 2.95 the best approach, or should the pre-compiled binaries be used in this case?

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    For optimal performance you should always use the binaries compiled by MySQL themselves. Only if you need a special option, you could compile mysql yourself.
  • I've got some slash sites running mysql 3.23.36 compiled with gcc 2.96 (Redhat 7.1).

    No problems experienced. I do recall either reading, or someone mentioning on irc, that the problems people supposedly encountered were under high load - which none of my sites are.

    And, I believe, slashdot's sql server is running MySQL from RPM/binary, not compiled.

    YMMV, obviously. I think I'll go knock on wood now that I've said I've had no problems :)
    lottadot []
    • Slashdot,,, and a few other sites all run from RPM/binaries that MySQL ships.

      You can't grep a dead tree.