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Some ideas for Slash

posted by Krow on 12:21 AM September 3rd, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Daniel writes "

Hi. Some ideas for Slash:

  • Make the news of the slashboxes be mixed with the news of the site in the main page and in the daily newsletter. And erase slashboxes.
  • I want to receive in the daily newsletter only authors, topics and sections that I chose.
  • Some news seem to belong to more that one topic.

Thank you for slash."

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    ... except for "erase slashboxes". If I understand right, you don't want any slashboxes. That's your choice, and you can already enjoy this by customizing your preferences.

    Having portald (or some automatic process) create both boxes and story content could be desirable, IMHO.
  • Customizing the news mailout to the user preferences seems like a good idea. But isn't that a bit more overhead? For some people, less JonKatz and Anime articles in your email is A Good Thing ® .

    This feature is useless to someone like me, I exclude nothing, and read everything at -1.

    One future, two choices. Oppose them or let them destroy us.
  • I agree with flikx: I've got several topics excluded just because I'm not interested in them at all, so I would be nice, not to have that stories in the headline mailings, either.

    But merging the slashboxes' headlines with the Slashdot news articles would get a big mess, I think. It would lower the focus of the Slashdot articles, which most people interested in. That's why they're reading Slashdot and not, because they want to read just the slashboxes including a Slashdot Slashboxes. If you like such things, read the Cheesy Portal [] or GeekBoys [], a (currently shut down) huge configurable Cheesy Portal.

    Or did you think about merging whole extern articles with Slashdot articles? I think this wouldn't work a) because of copyright restriction and b) because of RDF files usually don't contain whole articles.

    P.S.: I'm not really sure, what exactly Daniel means with "mixing slashboxes and news"...

    -- There is no place like $HOME