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posted by Krow on 07:32 AM February 24th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
If anybody could give me a quick answer, as i haven't even looked at the code - was localisation kept in mind or is the language embedded all over the code?
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  • You should read HOWTO-Templates []. The display is all template driven. Just dump each template and change the language.
    • It's not so simple. Most of the text is in templates, and easy to translate. However, a lot of important stuff is in the database and must be translated there. Plus, dates needs a proper configuration of the Date::Format library. And some things cannot be translated without having to manipulate the Perl code, for example a number of buttons in form!

      So, it's not straightforward. To answer your questions, no, Slash was not designed with localisation in mind and in a lot of places in the code, it shows. But with some effort you can have a complete translated system, for example at Slash-Italian we have a 99% translated Italian version of Slash.

      Keep in mind it's not an easy and especially short task.

      Check out the Slash in Italian Project []