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Looking for a backup admin

posted by Krow on 09:31 AM March 27th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I'm wondering if anyone with some experience with FreeBSD and Slash would be interested in working with us? I have one seriously cool and experienced Slash admin, but the workload is starting to catch up to us, and I think I need a backup. So, if you're looking for a slash site, and want it hosted for free - email me. I am willing to trade one site for some part time work. Must also be familiar with Sendmail, Apache, Perl, Mod_Perl and MySQL of course. :-)
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  • Applicant must be tolerant to savage beatings, flamboyant long-winded rants, constant ridicule, infestation of rats, and temperature extremes. Must work well with Catholics, Mormons, and Satanists .. and above all, must have a sense of humor.

    On a serious note, someone who knows has experience making both slash and scoop work well together would be of great help.

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