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Multiple Instances

posted by Krow on 10:42 AM June 10th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Please indulge a beginner.
I currently have slashcode setup on a single domain with its own IP address ( for testing purposes. Here is my dilemma.
I am setting up a community similar to yahoo/geocities. It will be and the individual communities will be sub-domains of this domain ex;, etc
Residents of the communities will be set up as users ex;, etc.

Directory is: /home /newthoughtcommunity
I know that slash can be setup with virtual domains, but can sub domains have there own instance.
I need each community to have their own slash.
Also. When I set up a new instance of slash for a virtual domain, do I use the same database and administrator with a new virtual user when I run DBI::Password?
Thank you for any help you can offer
John Macuga
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  • No.

    Not unless you do an install-slashsite for each subdomain 'instance'.

    I would think you would be much better off doing one slash install, for one site. create each section, and create the dns for each section so you have the and make each section type=contained.
    lottadot []
    • Thank you.

      I sat up a new section and made it "standalone" but I can not figure out how to log into it or set up default Blocks and colors.

      Can I constrain members to just this section? Where can I find more info on sections, the Docs are scant?

      Thank you for the help
      • To login to a section, generally
        a) the section has it's own dns like
        b) when you hit that url, you'll see the login block.

        You'd probably have to change the cookiedomain for that section to too and stop/start apache.

        As far as constraining users, not that I know of. You can constrain authors to a particular section - hit
        you'll see a section pulldown.

        You could probably constrain users to a particular section if you modified slash's Ap
        lottadot []