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Slash on Mac OS X

posted by Krow on 02:59 AM April 16th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
juno 106 writes "I would like to run slash code on OSX... Has anyone done it ? Can it be done ?"
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  • Yes this is one of those redundant me too posts. and it wont get the work done but id also be interested in getting os x to run slash.... i also want a new powermac... or one of those power books at least....... but back to reality slash on os x would be almost as good.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'm using PHP Nuke right now as that runs fine with OSX. However, if someone can post instructions on how to get Slashcode working, I'd be happy to switch over. Thanks in advance.
  • Interesting that you run PHP Nuke and would like to switch to Slashcode. I decided on Slashcode but someone is trying to get me to use PHP Nuke instead.

    I haven't actually used PHP Nuke, but I chose Slashcode based on the feature set (especially customizable Slashboxes and moderation) and the fact that mod_perl can pre-psuedocompile scripts, while PHP interprets everything each time. That and data caching in the httpd process, which I don't think PHP can do. So it seems like Slashcode is more scalable.

    Since you run PHP Nuke, are those roughly the reasons you want to switch or are there others?

    Just curious.

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Just compile mySQL and mod_perl and you'll be good to go. Search Google for info on others that have install those on OSX. We are a Mac content shop, but I don't think the current crop of G4 server hardware is suitable for enterprise work, due to lack of failover, redudant PSU, alternate pathing, etc. For the servers, we're still using Sun boxes. For art and most content. it's Mac all the way. I've got an OSX box, but most of what I do is on a Sunblade 100. Dave
  • by Anonymous Coward
    No really good reason other than: - PHPNuke definitely feels sluggish, probably because of the reasons you mention - The PHPNuke source tree is controlled by one person, so I don't expect that it'll develop at the same rate as Slashcode - I'd like to try the alternatives, to get a feel for the differences. Since I got rid of my Linux box and switched to OSX full-time, I haven't even been able to try out Slashcode.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I too am feeling the same way about the sluggish development of PHP-Nuke. I'm now searching out other opportunities.
  • I ran a slashcode site for about 1 year and then I switched to a php-nuke site, so maybe I can offer you some suggestions...

    The reason that I switched to PHP-nuke is because my server P3-550, 384 MB RAM, had to move off of a direct ethernet connection to the internet (I graduated and had to pull myserver out of my office).

    Now I have a cable modem which isn't fast enough for a site such as mine. I checked out and found out that they host php-nuke accounts. I figured that learning php would be fun, so that was the initial reason that I went with php-nuke.

    Since then, I've came up with more reasons for and against phpnuke.

    for - PHP is cool. It's easy to write and phpnuke is open enough that you can very easily integrate other pages and applications. There's even a project called phpaddon that contains hundreds of things that you can add on to a vanilla phpnuke installation. I still have very little php experience, yet I'm confident that I could take anybodies php app and get it integrated with phpnuke.

    for - themes. I've heard that the new slashcode has theme support. I've yet to see it, but phpnuke already has theme support and there are many nice themes to choose from.

    against - documention. Phpnuke has little or no documentation. Since I didn't install it ( did) I can't comment on the difficulty of installation. I can say that there is little or no docuementation about creating themes and adding new pages.

    against - it is slower. I can't tell on my website, but I know from visiting other websites. phpNuke doesn't cache pages like slashcode does. This is nice because your front page and poll are immediately updated, but bad because it makes it slightly slower.

    Final comment - Unless you are running a site that get's many hits, i think that the main difference between the two is the langauge that it's written in. PHP is darn cool. Perl is also darn cool. PHP seems cooler for generating web apps, but doesn't seem as efficient as Perl.

  • There's currently an effort [] going on right now to recode php-nuke and clean up the code, under the moniker PHP-J00K. It's coming along nicely.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    PHP Nuke has the skankiest bloated HTML - it looks like something written for HTML 3.2/4. Themes control many aspects but not this (instead, colours and title graphic, etc.).