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Upgrading apache without messing up slash

posted by Krow on 07:11 AM January 14th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
I need to upgrade my apache server for security reasons, but I am worried that I will mess up my slash site in doing so. How do I go about updating my website to the latest version of apache without messing up slash? Is the a document on this somewhere? I have apache 1.3.22 and I want to get 1.3.27. Thanks. Also, how do I tell what version of slash I am currently running?
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  • It's not that hard. Skip things like setting up MySQL, but you will have to do things like Mod_perl, and any other apache modules you have. Shouldn't break slash, since slash just includes it's .conf files.

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  • I've done this myself. Make sure you take a backup of your current Apache directories just in case (actually do this, if worst come to worst, you can copy it back and have a working server going again while you fix whatever may have gone wrong).

    Recompile Apache as you you did the first time (I keep a file with the configure flags for mod_perl, mod_php and apache in it so it's a case of copy and paste), making sure to include the mod_perl and apache requirements for Slash and that you need (mod_php, for example), copy your old httpd.conf over the newly compiled apache conf file and start it up.

    It's nothing too major to deal with. I was surprised at how smoothly the process went.