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Slash on Zeus...

posted by Krow on 09:50 AM April 2nd, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I'd love to run slash, but alas my domain is not hosted on a site that runs Apache, but instead runs Zeus. I can either
  1. Not run slash
  2. Change hosting companies to one that runs Apache
  3. Try to port Slash to run with Zeus

No point talking about 1, since I really wouldn't be posting this if I didn't want to run it. 2 is an option, but I'd rather not change hosting companies just to run slash (even though it is the killer web app! 8) ). So I'm stuck with option 3 for the time being.

Before I go off down this road, is there some other poor unlucky soul that has gone before me (doubt it)? And if not, do I only need to modify the Slash modules that use Apache modules (Slash/Apache/ and Slash/Apache/User/ the only modules that Makefile.PL breaks on)?

I know, I'm crazy, but I've got this itch...

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  • I just did a quick check on the website. There is no mod_perl for Zeus so you are out of luck.

    It does support PHP though so you'd be better off using something like phpNuke instead. (Sorry Slash guys)
    • I know that mod_perl is a requirement. I know that it won't run out of the box on Zeus. Maybe I didn't make that real clear in my initial submit. I'm looking at what I need to do to port it to Zeus.

      I'm not initially looking for blinding speed just functionality. I would just like to have it running off my domain as it is currently hosted. I'm hopeful that this is just a matter of porting a couple of the perl modlues, but I'm not entirely sure if that is all that is required.

      The main question is just how tightly coupled is slash and mod_perl. From my newbie point of view, it looks like there is only a couple of modules that depend on the Apache modules.

      Just some enlightment beyond what I already have would be nice... 8)

  • 4. Use Zeus as a proxy server to your Apache mod_perl server running on a high-numbered port.
  • 5. Emulate mod_perl on Zeus.

    A while ago, I played around with the idea of emulating mod_perl [] in cgi-land. Jorg Walter took the idea and actually made it usable [].

    • Ah, that sounds like my best bet. Not quite porting, but not like not porting... 8)

      And 4 sounds half way decent too, expect I don't have a good home connection (dial up over a pair gain line) and I didn't have much luck on my first and second attempt at "install Bundle::Slash" 8(