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Where Can I Find RSS Files for Slashboxes?

posted by pudge on 01:05 PM June 5th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
ahogue writes "I was wondering if anyone's had any luck finding XML, RSS, or RDF files for some of the news sites out there to make slashboxes out of? So far I only have Slashdot itself and Wired, and the brute force method of emailing the webmasters at the sites I wanted doesn't seem to have worked (I either got no reply or an auto-reply telling me how to find info on their press releases!) Is there a better way?"
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  • I did look in on them, and they seem pretty reliable, but I'd really prefer to have direct control over the xml files I'm getting and how they're parsed, etc, directly from the site they come from . . . especially for trying to build reliable perl code around them . . . Thanks anyway!
  • by Anonymous Coward

    I believe that all of the "My Netscape" channels are RSS. You can get a listing of them from the Open Directory twork/ []
  • [] calls themselves "the webfeed company." They have a very nice website with literally 1500 feeds. They even have a webfeed wizard that will generate javascript to integrate the XML feed into your site. If you can code you would probably want to integrate the feeds into your server end rather than the client end. I don't know how easily the feeds will mesh with slash. If you do end up using them please follow up, and let us know how everything worked out. Regardless, this site is definately worth a look.
  • I use xmltree [] a lot. There's also My Userland []. And just because I think it answers a lot of questions about RSS, there is also an article about RSS I wrote for [].