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MySQL vs Postgres

posted by Krow on 06:27 PM July 13th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
ChristTrekker writes "So, slash now supports Postgres. Cool! But has anyone performed real world comparisons between slash/MySQL and slash/Postgres? Does anyone care to expound on the major differences for those of us that haven't used both?"
Actually, currently I doubt the PostgreSQL support loads. Its never had a direct leader (I just work on it on rare occasions). Someone needs to take the file by the hand and update it to actually work.
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  • PostgreSQL support in Bender (Slash 2.0) doesn't work, period. There are a huge number of syntax error, MySql-isms, inheritance problems that needs to be fixed. I was the person most interested in the PostgreSQL port (we run a community site based on PostgreSQL, plus the Slash board running on MySql and it's Not A Good Thing) but I never managed to finish it, for a number of reasons, including:
    • Slash is designed with MySql in mind
    • Strange inheritance through MySql and not through a common abstract database c

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  • I also infinitely prefer Postgres to MySQL. I'd love to get Slash working on PG so I don't have to run two database systems on my server!

    I'm wondering if/when Slash ever does work reliably with Postgres will/can there be a conversion script to convert the whole site over from MySQL to PG? Possibly the user passwords would be a stumbling block. There was just a question about that on the Pg list and so far no responces. So it may not be possible to convert passwords.

    Guess we could just have every use

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  • A conversion utility would be almost a necessity. Once I launch a slash site with MySQL, I sure am not going to dump all that to go with Postgres. I want to be able to take all the users, stories, etc, with me.

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