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Slash 1.0.9 Problems

posted by Krow on 09:13 AM March 3rd, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
RobD writes "Ahh the joy of Perl & Apache; such a great thing when they work together, but when Apache starts to do things like "cache" it all starts to go downhill... I run a slashsite called, and for the longest time I thought that my web browser was just caching my site & it wouldn't update. Just a little while ago I realized that slash always updates the index.shtml about every five minutes(which I had set in the config file), yet for some strange reason the version of my site would NEVER update. The only way I could get it to update was to shutdown apache completely & then start it back up. Quite odd. The stories will update now, but if lets say I add a poll to the site, it won't update unless I restart apache in the previously disclosed method. Does anyone have the faintest idea on how to fix this, I'm willing to post any/all configuration files if you need them, I just would like to end this madness as soon as possible, RobD"
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  • In one word, "fuck." Anyway I can screw with apache & mod_perl's "chaching" scheem? I've set Apache's MaxRequestsPerChild to a very low value, but it still won't work... Anyone have a clue?

  • Much of what you might consider updating is done by slashd, which should always be running as a daemon. Are you certain that slashd is running?
  • You could also add (in the <HEAD> tag) the following line: <META http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"> which should tell the client to disable caching of the page. The problem is (iirc) at the client, which has the modification time of the page. When it requests the / (or any copy), it sends the modification time to the server which does its checking, and decides wether or not to send the file. If you tell the client not to cache that page at all (that should be it, but its been a w
  • What if you just modify slashd to, when it creates the shtml files, also touch the .pl files so that Apache sees them as having a modification date changed. It will have to reload them (but only once/five mins for all users, and won't have to load the modules used again).
  • Yeah it's running, I'm 100% sure of that.
  • When I found that out (after struggling about 4 hours) I just took it AS IS. Because there are lots more important thangs to do (than getting bumped on this).

    C'mon... go back to work. Chop chop, get some real bugs fixed. Profile them performance. Stress test the unit. Document those specs.

  • I'm having a similar problem (in terms of symptom, at least) - I just installed bender, and when I submit/approve stories, they don't show up on the home page. They do, however, show up if I go through the "Stories" link on the main page. slashd et al are running, and I've bounced apache about a gazillion times. I've also tried touching Any ideas?
  • I'm also having the same exact problem with bender. Everything works fine but the main home page will not update with new stories. The blocks will change, and I can even edit the existing stories but it will not put up new stories or erase the old ones. Any help is appreciated.