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Slash Sites on Rented Space

posted by Krow on 04:05 PM August 10th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Neil Simpson writes "Having looked through all the FAQs and suchlike, I am looking for some opinions on setting up a slash site. I've had a great idea for a long time, but I'm interested to hear of the experiences of other people who have set up these sites, what difficulties they have had, and most importantly if I can run a slash site on rented server space (I cant afford to run my own!) and how to go about it!"
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  • Cuz I've been looking to at hosting options on this...A lot of places give you MySQL,Perl etc., but no shell access (not to mention the compiling of mod_perl etc.). Anyone reccomend a good provider for a slash site for those wanting to start on a budget. Free code is a wonderful start...but a place to put it would be even better.


    --Anonymous Coward cuz I'm on password overload and have been in the sun too much today...

  • One more option to host a slash type site is aspslash. Not as powerfull as the slashcode yet but it does the job at a very low price.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    My experiences with []have all been positive. Ryan was quick to answer my questions before I signed up, and support after signing up has been great, although he's a busy guy so immediate answers via e-mail aren't common, but understandably.

    When I started MacSlash [], I barely knew any perl, and no SQL at all. But, because Slashhosting handled the set up, I could just jump in and start playing right away.

    For a small fee, they will also set up nifty set of tools for advertising, which is helpful. And, they're working on a SlashHosting portal site to promote sites on SlashHosting, which could be a very valuable resource.

  • I've been thinking about a Slash-type site for a while now. How much Perl do I actually need to know to do this? Does Slash work out of the box or does it require hacking at to get it to behave?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Check out [].
  • is definatley a great solution. I run [] there.

    It's great in the fact that you can go up and running with a slash site. I'm not sure if they'd install it for you. They are *decent* about support.. I think it's *decent* cause i'm running an old version of slash that's not supported, but slashhosting is a nice way to go.