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Tutorial for Slashcode?

posted by CaptTofu on 09:45 AM September 22nd, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Brian Sadler writes "Coming from the standpoint of someone who is fairly familiar with linux but who has never learned MySQL (Yeah...I know, I should by a book and study it.), I am curious as to how hard it is to implement the slashcode. I am told that the Slashcode is hard to set up. Especially if you want to modify the page design of site. I want to be able to set it up but I am worried that this may be a bit much on the backend of the issue. I can do the HTML with no problem. So does anyone know of any good online tutorials for setting up the slashcode and getting it to run? If so, please post the URL for us to see and I would greatly appreciate it in my email too. Thanks. Brian Sadler"
The install guide is quite easy to follow. If you follow it, cent-per-cent, you should be successful in setting up a slash site. You don't have to be a db guru to do this. Also, we are working on better documentation, and the next version of slash, bender, which will be many times easier to install and set up.
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Just follow *all* of the instructions (the reason we will all tell you this is that we all at some point wished we had, ask Rob about that default password step :D ), and check all your permissions. I had some problems with my maximum file descriptors in OpenBSD but was able to fix that and most of the problems I had went away.

    Use the command line. Lynx to download all the files into a directory, and you'll have the keystrokes memorized after the first two. Write them down. the actual module installation went something like;
    # cd ../module_foo
    # make
    # make test
    # make install
    # cd ../module_bar

    and so forth, no hitches. If you're really nervous then don't do it on your main machine, appropriate a 486 or something and do a fresh install, no apache, no perl, no anything on the S/W list. Have a beer or two (I reccomend guinness for this sort of labor) and put on some good music.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Try PHP-Nuke, which is well, written in PHP and has ALL the features of slashcode, but without the 42 migrains that will acoompany it :) or another version of it
  • Thanks so much. I guess I am just a bit nervous. I have never done something this in depth before and I really want it to work. You guys are great.
  • you can find the scripts at lt;/a> []

    They may make your work a bit more easier.

    vote for your favourite perl-site
    vote for your favourite perl-site
  • I have installed slash in my Debian 2.2 (Potato) and it isn't difficult. Maybe you have to go to CPAN several times in order to download several Perl libraries. Some are yet as debian packages. The database stuff is easy. The most difficult is to configure the httpd.conf in order to work well with ".shtml" and ".pl". I have took the Debian httpd.conf and modify it with some parts of the httpd.conf that comes with Slashcode. Good Luck!