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Slash Authentication Methods

posted by Krow on 11:30 AM April 28th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
It is possible to allow a Slash site to use a seperate authentication method like authenticating against a billing service? I'm thinking about using Slash on one of my member sites that uses CCBill for authentication. I'm tinkering with the idea of building the entire site around Slash. Is it possible for Slash to use the authentication provided by the CCBill CGI to authenticate to Slash?

I don't know of a way to auto-create accounts for new members when they sign up unfortunately. This could be the limiting factor. Not being a Slash buff, I'm not sure if this is required or not. I'm thinking of using the forum arrangement to get member feedback on the data in each article. The idea of using Slash to post site content updates might be a bad idea as well. Is this too far fetched to work?

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  • It looks like no one has any ideas on this topic. Let me elaborate a little more on the topic. Perhaps that will help.

    I'm using CCBill to charge users for membership access to my site. I'm using CCBill's CGI to authenticate users in the members area. I post updates to the site when there is an update to post, usually a couple times a week. Rather than listing these updates on a lengthy HTML page, a What's New page, I'd rather organize it with Slash. I'd like my CCBill authenticated users to be able t

    • I know nothing about CCBill, but assuming CCBill places some kind of cookie in the client's browser that will uniquely identify them, it is possible use that data for authentication.

      One of the Slash sites that I work on uses a single sign-on system hosted by a third-party. It places an encrypted cookie in the browser, then sends them to my site. I decrypt the cookie to get the user's credentials, which I check against my modified users table. The code to change is located in:

      Slash/Apache/User/ -
      • Thanks for the info. That just might work. I'm not sure exactly how CCBill's authentication scheme works but I'll find out shortly. Thanks again.
      • Thanks - I have a project that's being constantly put aside because of this sort of problem. We have a user database but we don't want the user to register twice, once under the site and once for the Slash-based discussion system. We'd like the site to automatically an silently handle the other (users get confused easily). Perhaps this could be added to Slash - at least in terms of a "HOWTO"...
  • I wrote a few simple mods to the Slashcode ~2 years ago (right when 2.0 came out) to integrate Slashcode with NIS. When a user first went to login, it would first try to login them in using the local slashcode user DB. If that works, it would log them in as normal.

    If that failed, it would try to login against NIS. If that suceeded, it would create a new account in the slashcode user DB (with default settings) and mark the user as logged in. The user is not aware of this initial creation - to a user it