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Can Slash handle long lived items

posted by Krow on 06:46 PM March 28th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
I have a need for a site that will support both short time articles and documents that have a very long life (on the order of over 5 years).

Before re-inventing this I wanted to ask if there was a plugin or something that allowed me to have a storage area for documents that have a very long life. For example policies and procedures.

I would like to have a index page for these items generated automaticly and also be able to announce them in a regular story.

For a real example one thing I would like to be able to do is to post scores from a weekly match (USPSA) and have an index page that will show each weeks history. In addition a story would be posted with a link to that weeks scores. Another use would be to have a series of "white papers" that are avaiable from an index page and are also announced in a story.

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  • Check out the Variable ARCHIVE_DELAY. Set it to something like 6000 and you'll be good.

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
  • It sounds like you have some static (or nearly so) information, and some information that accumulates. Could you perhaps use static links (a la those on the left hand side of Slashdot) for perminate links, and design a Slashbox with links the say the 10 most recent match score stories? Slash has other way to present long term information then just in a story JFMILLER
    • You hit the nail on the head. Humm...

      Would the right way be to make each of these groups of this a catagory and have the left side link go to a list of those items?
      This may be the way to go.