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Slash Hosting Problems

posted by Krow on 08:17 AM March 13th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
gilez writes "I ordered a Slash Hosting set up thru They never e-mailed me a receipt. I sent them numberous e-mails and never got a response. Does anybody know how closely affiliated with Slashdot these guys are? Are they just a bunch of wankers who managed to get Slashdot to let them use the Slash name? They don't seem to be very professional. If you've had a good experience with them please let me know, they took my money and they don't return my e-mails and I'm not exactly stoked on them at the moment."
Nope, we are not associated with them.
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  • First off, if you had a valid complaint, you should have taken it up with us and not with the slash community. We have a phone number, ticketing system and email address. I personally sent your setup instructions to the email address that you specified twice as well as one that the automated system sent when the account was created. One of those times you were on the phone with me at which point we determined that there was a problem communicating between the mail servers. I will admit that the ticketing system is very flakey at times and that is why I have rewritten our current system in php and it is now in the testing phase. I was unaware that my last email was not recieved and I have yet to recieve any email from you. I am currently looking into why this might be. I know I send and recieve emails every day and you told me that you did as well.
  • Rackspace is lame, I have gone into their main offices (after I was openly invited) and was basically kicked out. The staff is lame and overall act like sharks.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've been running a site off their servers for a couple months. Once I got everything working, it stayed that way. But, I definitely have to agree that they are less than timely on requests of any kind.

    Hell, it took me two weeks just to get the answers to my initial questions about their service.

    They probably think that since they are the only ones besides SlashHotel out there advertising slash support (that other link on here leads to something completely unrelated) they can do what they want.

    And dont bother with Rackspace. I have a dedicated server with them for my other sites. I tried setting up slash but had difficulty with their custom RedHat distro so asked for support (of course). After 2 months of tweaking, poking and breaking they told me if I even mentioned Slash to them they'd double my server rate...
    kinda ironic that they advertise on slashdot aint it?

  • by Anonymous Coward
    This is EXACTLY why firms protect their trademarks. So that you don't unprofessional fucking LEECHES like slashhosting whoring the Slash name and making people think, to some degree, slashdot is behind it.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've ragged on 'em for reason a time or two.

    I've had a fairly good overall experience with them, but the support (response time) to inquires has been lack-luster.

    The last time I had a support issue, it took over a week to get a response. The e-mailed me a link back to their "online support system". The link did not work (kind of ironic). I wonder how you report that!?

    I get the overall impression that slash-hosting is something they do in-addition-to something else (whatever they offer). The basic
  • Re:So (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Odd.. I've not had any problems with my Rackspace Servers.. Actually I usually just grad the Redhat packages and get them running over theirs (which are usually network TCPIP related... i.e. wu etc).

    best of luck on it
  • The sites at Slash Motel [] run on a Rackspace [] server and it's been fine. If you want to spend the money on a managed dedicated server (minimum $250 a month), I would recommend Rackspace.

    | - - | - - >

    Adam Khan
    manager, the Slash Motel
  • You might also consider Dialtone Internet []. I have had a dedicated RH 6.1 server with them for about a year, and overall have been happy.
  • The experiences I've had so far with slashhosting have been very good. I deal with a few ISP's 'tech support' departments frequently and I have to say that the few posts here bashing these guys imho are unwarrented. Ryan knows the slash scripts pretty well and I have never had an issue that these guys didn't resolve within 24 hours. Try getting that kind of service with UUnet or Verio, won't happen. Every call I've made to the IM1 team has always been returned promtply and the gal they have answering the phone is very friendly. Of all the sites I work on/dev/maintain they are one of the better hosts.I guess Katz was right. Compliments will come by email and flames will show up on the message boards.
  • I just signed up for Slashhoting service and they were very responsive (Thanks, Ryan!). He answered my questions about running my own DNS and MX and such very promptly (was even running an email convo with him with it). Great service! Pym