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Hebrew slash

posted by CaptTofu on 09:17 AM July 5th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Orik writes "A few months ago I converted a (rather old) version of slash to Hebrew. This is a far more annoying experience than converting to other languages, as it is written from right to left. Has anyone converted the latest version of the code, maybe even in a reusable manner?" Wow, that's really cool, I must say! Yeah, with both Hebrew and Arabic, there's the whole issue of reading direction (right to left). What we want to achieve is to have the content (error messages, text, design, etc) for the site completely in the database, which will certainly be a step in the right (or left :-) ) direction for what you're asking.
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    How does one go about converting slash to Hebrew or for that matter Arabic? I am just turning on to persian encodings and would be really awsome if I could run a slash-persian discussion forum and story server. Persian, uses an offshoot of Arabic characters with a few more characters tagged on and it is written of course from right to left. Any suggestions as how to go about starting this conversion would be a greatly appreciated.