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Can Slash be run on Novell?

posted by Krow on 05:30 AM January 8th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I see that someone asked about OSX and Slash, that got me thinking has anyone ever installed Slash (any version) on Novell? I know that not everyone considers Novell to be a true *nix, but i do. Novell has included Apache as the built in web server for a while and Perl since version 5.1 with the installation. What about installing mod_perl or MySQL just by themselves on Novell, anyone had any luck?
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Yeah. The perl support is rudimentary... you can't run scripts with a shebang #! prompt, they all have to be in one directory and executed from the same scripts URL from the server. This was back in 5.1 with Netscape Enterprise server when I used it... Apache on 5.1 worked the same way... you had to use a .nlm module for LCGI to load into Apache. It sucked balls, crashed all the time. What ended up happening is that I set up an IIS box next to it to run the perl stuff I had (eventually moved everything to ASP, but that's another story...). The Novell box was left to chug along and run GroupWise WebAccess through its servlet. And that was on NES... back then trying to get GW to run on Apache and Tomcat was a next to impossible task (actually impossible, cause I could never get it done, and neither could many in the Novell newsgroups... although the Novell people say it's theoretically possible). Anyway, bottom line is that Novell + Web server is like oil and water. That fucker abended more times on me than a Win95 box could blue screen with shitty drivers, bad memory, and be in a 140 degree room. Anyway, I digress.