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posted by Krow on 12:56 PM November 3rd, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Anonymous Coward writes "Has anyone actually tried to create a slash 2.0 installation using postgres 7.1??? I did and it is totally broken. The sql to create the tables is not syntactically correct, neither is some of the datadump.sql. I get nothing but errors errors errors. I know it says "alpha quality" but usually that means that it will at least run. I am not complaining because I think I have a right ot code that is more finished I just think it would be better for everyone if it was properly presented as DOES NOT WORK." No one hass worked on this for some time at this point. Anyone want to?
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  • I think you misunderstand alpha-quality. Alpha means code-complete, but not necessarily that it will run. Beta is expected to run, but will necessarily have bugs. I always think of alpha as "May not run".
  • by Anonymous Coward
  • I did start the work on porting Fry to PostgreSQL: it seems like a doable job, while my previous attempt at Bender failed: a lot of "MySQL-isms" in the code.

    But the Bender code seems much cleaner, so only a few modifications will be needed.

    Please contact me if you wish to contribute.


    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []