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Slash not emailing Daily Headlines / Stories

posted by Krow on 06:06 PM February 26th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
I have got a basic install up and running and so far everything is behaving as expected in terms of the web ui.

My previous post regarding external authentication is being followed up with the developers of our current community software, I will post whatever developments come from that should others find it useful.

One oddity I am noticing is that the website is not emailing me like it did the very first day. I received a report on the activity along with the news headlines. The next day and from then on in I have not received any mail. The system is mailing correctly. New registrations and password requests come through without any problems at all. It seems limited to the cronish sort of things.

I can not find any errors in the logs to help guide me here, has anyone else experienced this? One thing I did do that may have broken something was change my slash install from on domain to another by going through the install process again.

Any pointers would be most appreciated,

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  • my first install i used a different domain then when i went live with the virtual host config. though it all ran well, my slash.sites file contained only my other domain and not the new one. when i updated that file, slashd started doing its business with the current live domain.