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Proven developer & Slashbox needed

posted by Krow on 12:59 PM December 10th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
We are looking to implement a Slashbox to drive several medically related slash sites. We are searching for developers (preferably in the NY/NJ area) with a proven ability to implement, deploy and manage the collection of sites. The ability to manage all aspects of implementation including but not limited to networking, firewalling & security , databasing & querying, archiving, GUI modifications, hosting and general maintenance. We have not evaluated third party hosting due to the sensitivity of our data.

Obviously, expertise in Perl, Apache, Linux, and MySQL are prerequisites.

We have a creative services team that will design any artwork, banners/headers, buttons, and other artistic aspects of the interface one given requirements from the program lead.

We are open to contracters or potential employment on a contract to permanent basis. We are only looking for people with past Slash deployment experience as we will need to deploy in mid Q103.

Please contact (send resume and cover letter with links to deployed slash site(s)) to Michael Vinegra.
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