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Good Learning Experiences Wanted for Starting Slash

posted by Krow on 01:48 PM July 8th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
TheMooch writes "After 10 months on the road, I'm setting my Linux box up again. I'm now running RedHat 7.1 with the 2.4.6 kernel. I'm finding that I don't have as much time on my hands now that I'm out of the military and doing contract work at Intel.
I'm trying to learn Slash so that I can set up a board for my family to stay in touch to collaborate on genealogy research.
My problem is that I'm lost. LOL According to the INSTALL file, I'm to set up a database. I'm not sure what kind of database to set up. Obviously it's to be MySQL, but what is the structure (i.e. fields) supposed to be? Is there a specific setup? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    since I just installed on a linux 7.1 box myself, I agree... In terms of perl errors, I found one of my problems to be that by default, when CPAN updates perl, it writes to /usr/local/bin, while the original installation of perl is in /usr/bin... this lead to a great deal of my grief. I recommend making a symlink to /usr/local/bin/perl from /usr/bin/ and deleting or moving the old perl executable. also... The documentation is wrong/unhelpful in regards to the install-slashsite format: after you have run the DBIx::Password installation, and have the virtual user, you must run install-slashsite -u "virtual user". (note the -u option) It's not a huge deal, but it had me stymed for a couple of hours because I was already frustrated. Hope that helps more than reactionary comments, and reactionary comments thereto...
  • Create a database called 'slash' or something. Configure MySQL; then configure the virtual user for DBx::Password perl module. Run the slash installation script, and you're in business.

    This is all in the documentation AFAIK. Sorry to be rude, but this is the dumbest question I've seen in a while.

    One future, two choices. Oppose them or let them destroy us.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Yeah, thats crap dude. Go learn to read.
  • Just create a db call it whatever you want or even use the existing 'test' db. It's more or less a tablespace as in Oracle terminology. Slashcode will create the tables/schema during the install. Mysqlgui, available at makes it easy to do this type of administration.

    People who rate questions as dumb are deficient in some other way.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Your answer is less helpful than than the INSTALL file, which he obviously read. Saying that it is a dumb question isn't helping anybody. I guess when you're a genius, your manners go out the window by default.

    My advice is that this guy might do better with something like PHP Nuke [], at least for right now. It even provides a nice preconfigured DB.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    By telling me that Slash will create the tables/schema, you have answered my question. Thank you.

    I asked the question because of the lack of information in the Slash documentation. Not because I like having people who think they're better make fun of my questions.

    The question was asked because I couldn't find an answer. The best people to ask are usually the people who know. You obviously knew, thus my question is answered.

    People who assume deficiencies are idiots and obviously need to take a course on learning how to learn.
  • Relax! The problem appears to be that the documentation did not help you - even though it did explain what you needed to know. If you had said something along the lines of "I have read the installation manual but I still don't understand what to do" then you might not have got such a harsh response.

    Perhaps you could use your experience to enhance the installation documentation. This is Open source after all.

    -- SF and Computing Book News
  • You are correct in that the documentation did not help, but I'm beginning to think that part of the problem is with my distro. I had no problems at all with RH 6.2

    RH 7.1 seems to be completely different in where things are placed and how it works. The biggest part of the trouble is Perl. I seem to get errors saying that it's not there when trying to compile Slash.I think that the location is not reported correctly in this distro or that there is a slight difference in the file structure for this distro.