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Problem hrefs in Releated Links Block

posted by Krow on 08:19 AM June 15th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Tony: writes "I'm pushing slashcode in a direction past what it was designed to do. My site puts more graphics and html in individual stories than is typical with slash sites. The problem I'm having:

Graphic buttons in my stories (a src tag within a href tag) work normally, but when the 'related links' code lists all of the hrefs in my story, it breaks the img src tag's url by arbitrarilly adding a html space. So, the correct image tag within the story (Using square brackets to simplify posting):

[a href=""][img src=""][/a]

Works fine within the story; however, the slashcode picks up the href tag and mangles it into the following for "related links":

[a href=""][img src=" %20 phic.html"][/a]

This of course, makes the graphic not display(!) Is there a way to either exempt graphic hrefs from related links, or prevent slashcode from adding the %20 html space in the url?

You can see what's happening at The Treasure Island Experiment. Thanks for any suggestions!"
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    [img src=" %20 phic.html"]

    Now exactly what image type has the extension .html?

    -Svefg cbfg