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Slashcode Server Maintenance

posted by Krow on 07:45 AM February 13th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
cryoboy writes "I am really interested in using slashcode to build a web site, but I am not a computer programmer. I've got lots of linux experience, but I know nothing about web servers, databases or slashcode(I'm just a dumb physics student!).
My question is, can I ask(or pay) someone to set up a web server with slashcode running and then tell them to go away while I deal with content etc; or will rountine maintenance be necessary?
If routine maintenance is necessary is it something I could learn(in a few days) or do I need a degree in comp. sci. first?"
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I am somewhat in the same boat as you. I got hosted through I'd give them a a fair rating, only because they have had very poor response time for answering technical questions, some not answered without a perpetual hounding. They have stifled my development by not offering much support. On the pro side however: the actual install, tools and other related stuff they offer is fairly good. They stil are not offering Bender (the new slash version).

    From what I understand, Bender requires a different server, since the orginal code and new code cannot co-exist? Maybe part of the problem?

    Maintaining a slash-site has not been too difficult, but does require work. No degree required really.

    I guess I'd sum it up to this:

    If all you want is a slash site - no customization other than minor graphics, getting hosted seems to be the way to go. The average computer geek can figure it out.

    If you need some customization in function or design, you may want to consider that comp-sci degree.

    Good luck.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I would love to have someone set up slashcode to the point where it is working...I am no good at mysql, and everytime I try to get slas working, it ends up crapping on me. Paul
  • What kind of 'technical questions' are you talking about?

    If you're asking them questions about slash, you shouldn't expect them to hold your hand. They're a hosting company, not a consulting company.

    They give you slashsite and the password to maintain it. You need to do the rest.

    And why would they offer Bender? It's in beta. It's not for production yet.

    lottadot []
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I emailed VA Linux to see if they would ship slashcode preinstalled. They never replied. -Taij
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'm really not trying to poop all over slashhosting, as stated previously, I've been 100% happy with the service they provided - setting up the Slash VWS. They offer great tools to access the database, it's all packaged and ready to go! Well done, without question.

    I have been not happy with some technical service I've tried to get.

    I installed a perl script and had problems.

    I phoned. They requested I email.
    I emailed - no response.
    I called again - "why no answer?" - "We'll get *right* back to you"
    -no response for two days.

    E-mail again, finally a response "we responded already" (it got lost in the mail?)

    In any case, the response time to my question was not optimal. No, I don't expect "hand-holding", but a "simple " question (I know that is a loaded variable) should not take a week to respond.

    Also: why offer Bender.. hmmm

    Since it is the next generation of Slash, and slahshosting specializes in.. Slash hosting, it seems natural to offer it? It seems too important to ignore.

    I'm still developing my site, so a "BETA" program is not an issue, since I want to develop the site using the latest and greatest.
  • "I phoned. They requested I email. I emailed - no response. I called again - "why no answer?" - "We'll get *right* back to you" -no response for two days" You phoned and we requested a ticket for it. I replied to the ticket (on the same day)and you did not recieve an email. I got a message to call you and called back the same day and did not get an answer or a place to leave a message. I think I did my due dilligance. I am sorry that we had communication problems but we pride ourselves in service. Also, we do not offer bender because it is beta code. We will probably be experimenting with it soon but I know that if we do offer bender and it is in beta, that it will be a big support headache. We do not upgrade slash sites anyway. If someone wants to upgrade thier site themselves we have no problem with this. I will setup all of the backend apache stuff for that as well, we just can not "support" it.
  • Sorry, pudge.

    Deliberate with Coolness, Analyze with Criticism, Reflect with Candor.

  • Well, for me, it's alpha code, since I'm using it in a messed up, hackish way. :)

    Deliberate with Coolness, Analyze with Criticism, Reflect with Candor.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Do you feel it's ready for a development project?
    On a scale of 1-10, how buggy is bender?
  • It's really not too bad. Most bugs are being revealed if you don't use the default settings. The only caveat is that they're dumping in fixes a lot, (which is a very good thing), so you have to reinstall each time or copy in the changed files to keep up-to-date. But it's getting close to there not even being any obvious bugs, though there are still bunches floating around. Of course, YMMV. Bender is a vast vast improvement over 1.0.9. It's almost a completely different beast, with much better componentization.

    Deliberate with Coolness, Analyze with Criticism, Reflect with Candor.

  • Well, we're an enterprise that offers you need. You can check our site and our enterprise ADSL Support for Spanish ADSL.

    If you need support, or you want to install SlashCode in our servers, you can contact with our Sales Department [mailto]
    Regards to everybody.
  • Sorry, our url is []
  • Believe me, bender is closer to alpha than beta.

    You seem to think "beta" has a lot to do with how well it works. "beta" refers to the fact that it is essentially feature-complete. It still has a lot of bugs. This is unrelated to whether or not it is alpha or beta.
  • I think it'd depend on the product/project.
    How buggy is it?
    1. Go read the Sourceforge Slashpage [] bugs. Look through them, take the time to read them. You'll get an idea of what's going on.
    2. Join the slash development mailing list, and lurk.
    Trying to describe how buggy something is, well, that's just a bad thing unless you're a prime developer (for Slash I'm not). I say this because something I may *think* is a bug, may not be a bug, and may only be a misunderstanding of my part.
    So, once again, go read the bugs list et all, grab from CVS and install it. You'll see how far along it is pretty quickly.
    lottadot []
  • Believe me, bender is closer to alpha than beta. It's beta in the sense that you can get away with using it if you really understand the code, and don't want to modify it in any way, or don't mind having a site that may or may not crash at any time. It will be the latest and the greatest, but unless you don't need any hand-holding or even questions answered, you shouldn't use it. It would be irresponsible for slashhosting to offer it to paying clients who weren't perl gurus. OTOH, it is pretty cool, and h

    Deliberate with Coolness, Analyze with Criticism, Reflect with Candor.

  • Depending on what you want to do with Slash, the answer ranges from "no" to "be careful". First off, I'd wait until bender is fully operational, because its administration and configuration is much simpler. The code is much better designed.

    If you want to make a site that is very similar to slashdot and you don't expect heavy traffic, and you're willing and able to learn as you go along (and accept some frustrations), then you could totally have someone else help you set it up.

    If you want to have a unique site based off of Slash, and it's going to get heavy traffic, then you're going to need someone who understands webserving, databases and perl to deal with the inevitable headaches/tweaking.

    Deliberate with Coolness, Analyze with Criticism, Reflect with Candor.