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Memory Issues

posted by Krow on 03:35 PM December 26th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
pengi writes "Im running Slash on a relatively powerfull server and yet for some reason httpd (after adding the perl mods) takes up 32% of 1 gig of memory.
What is normal? Do any of the perl mods allocate dynamic chunks of ram for themselves...even up to 330 megs?!?! This happens right after restarting it so all we know is that its not a memory leak.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Find out how many servers you have running and divide memory use by that. Now, look and see if you need that many servers running at once.
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  • the running mysql instances are comming from the spare servers which keep a connection to the Database. So it is a good Idea to make sure only a few Spare Servers are running and that they time out often (at least on low usage sites).

  • by Anonymous Coward
    It turns out to be something involving one of the apache modules conflicting. Since we needed all the modules we had installed we created a seperate "slash" instance of apache and it works fine!
  • After some searching the only lead that I have is that it is a possible PHP and Mod_perl conflict. We are currently trying a seperate apache server for all slash related sections of our site. Kris/pengi
  • You shouldn't play XpmsDoom on your server system while it is trying to answer requests from http clients. No shit, eh? Dumbass...
  • This just proves again why is more expensive than regular hosting since it takes up more memory to run it. One thing that I did not see people mention is that slashd itself uses up about 10 megs of ram on top of all of that apache and mysql ram.
  • I have an admittedly low usage site at [] and if I do more than a little administering on it (posting new messages) I see my memory usage jump. The httpd servers seem to be taking 10-11 megs instead of the usual 7 megs for my other web stuff. I've got it setup to keep 10 spares, maxclients is at 40 and MaxRequestsPerChild is set to 150.

    mySQL also seems to go a bit nutty, creating a bunch of extra instances of itself. I don't see this happen when using perl .cgi routines that access the