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mod_perl, a slash version or port without it?

posted by Krow on 12:21 PM November 29th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Revelatation writes "Some sites have an already bloated httpd section, I have gotten advice about changing DSO configs to free up a lot of space, but that doesn't look feasible. Are there any versions without mod_perl being neccessary? Are there any forks of that kind? Slash utilizes mod_perl's features to speed things up, but this is not neccessary in this case."
More the speed up, it uses Apache for a number of things. Its not possible to install and use Slash without mod_perl. To be honest, why would you want to? mod_perl is not that large, welcome to bad myth and people who don't understand the relationship memorywise between parent and child processes.
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    But not everyone has access to their server; I use an ISP, who doesn't and won't install mod_perl, but will support a number of other options. But, if I have to install mod_perl, I'm SOL for using Slash.

    This also makes it harder to contribute back to the slash effort if I wanted to. This is probably why things like PHP-Nuke, which doesn't need any server installs outside of the base install, has been so suddenly popular.

    Now, that's not to say I don't think my ISP shouldn't install mod_perl. They should - they just will not, and I'm not anxious to switch ISPs, especially when there's other options which, although not as good, will suffice for low-end community web sites.

    Just a thought.
    • Simply put, Slash is not for the single user and the small site. I came to the conclusion that there's little use in setting up Slash if you don't have total control of your box, best if dedicated.

      Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

    • by Anonymous Coward
      Are there that many ISPs that allow you to use PHP and a database backend?

      You could try like Grey Matter [] which does not need a database, or any special server settings other than being able to use scripts.........