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Problems with Data::Dumper installation

posted by Krow on 01:59 PM October 7th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Cardo Decumanus writes "I've been trying for several days to install Slashcode 2.0.0 on Redhat 7.1. After encountering and surmounting many other problems, including an outdated MySQL version, and the Template module problem, I've gotten stuck on the Bundle::Slash CPAN installation. It seems that during the the Bundle::libnet installation, the Data::Dumper module is not recognized. CPAN gives me the advice of upgrading my Perl installation, which I have dutifully done twice through, with no success. If I go ahead and try to run install-slashsite, it exits with an error message that it can't open /sql/mysql/datadump.sql, which looks suspiciously like the same issue.Has anyone encountered this problem, and if so, what can I do about it?"
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  • Did you try getting Data::Dumper from CPAN, and install it manually (perl; make; make test; make install) ? If it doesn't install, at least you'll get some trace of what happens.

    Unless this has changed with Slash2.0, I don't believe there is a dependency between Data::Dumper and the sql scripts.

    • It looks like it's only used in the test scripts (ie during the install):

      $ cd /usr/local/src/slash/fry/slash/
      [shane@hobbes slash]$ grep -ie "dumper" * -r
      Slash/Test/ % perl -MSlash::Test -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/Test/ % perl -MSlash::Test=virtualuser -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/Test/ print Dumper $user;
      Slash/Test/, and Data::Dumper into the current namespace. Will export $user,
      Slash/Test/ Data::Dumper;
      Slash/Test/ @Data::Dumper::EXPORT,
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ % perl -MSlash::Test -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ % perl -MSlash::Test=virtualuser -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ print Dumper $user;
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/, and Data::Dumper into the current namespace. Will export $user,
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ Data::Dumper;
      Slash/blib/lib/Slash/ @Data::Dumper::EXPORT,
      Slash/blib/man3/Slash::Test.3:\& % perl -MSlash::Test -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/blib/man3/Slash::Test.3:\& % perl -MSlash::Test=virtualuser -e 'print Dumper $user'
      Slash/blib/man3/Slash::Test.3:\& print Dumper $user;
      Slash/blib/man3/Slash::Test.3:Slash::XML, and Data::Dumper into the current namespace. Will export \f(CW$user\fR,
      utils/createTestStories:use Data::Dumper;
      utils/dependencies.plx:use Data::Dumper;
      lottadot []
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I had a similar problem, I'm guessing that Compress::Zlib is not installing either ... I fixed it by going to the Zlib home page [] and downloading the zlib source []. uncompress, and run make and make install ... then copy zlib.h to your /usr/include directory that solved my whole hair-pulling episode :) ... now on to other hair-pulling episodes! :)