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Troubles getting to paradise

posted by Krow on 10:59 AM October 30th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
narb writes "Recently (after some headbanging) we got the Slashcode installed, and have added new,,, and files. The main stories end up taking up 100% of the browser view, and the normally right hand boxes get thrown downunder. Go to the site above and take a look. The problem is probably simple, does anyone know what could be wrong?"
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    lottadot []
  • When you change the the header and footer you need to make sure that all table cells and rows line up. A couple of things to keep in mind:
    • The default header also creates the left-hand column in the body and opens up the main body column.
    • There is a bit of HTML within the script that closes the main body column and opens the right-hand column -- not good, but Slash wasn't really designed to be completely flexible layout-wise. Go in and change the HTML if it's necessary for your layout.
    • The defa

    | - - | - - >

    Adam Khan
    manager, the Slash Motel
  • You shouldn't be editing the .inc files anyhow-- edit the header and footer blocks (see your getting_started.shtml) and make sure slashd is running.
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