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Karma-based Email Filtering

posted by Krow on 11:52 AM November 15th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Anonymous Coward writes "Please do not post this message. I just wanted to send Slashdot my idea: Use a system of Slashdot-style karma-based moderation as the basis for individual email filtering. Messages from those senders already in your address book get through to your primary inbox. (Level 1 contact) Messages from those senders in the address books of those who are in your address book get through to your primary inbox. (Level 2 contact) Messages from those senders unknown to Level 1 or 2, but who have earned high karma points from the general community will get through to your primary inbox. (How high the karma points need to be can be individually set) Karma-based email filtering would be handled by open source plug-ins for all the major email programs for all the major OSs. The plug-in would include a right-click option for providing karma points feedback. Use the same based karma system you use for Slashdot. Data collection could be distributed peer-to-peer or centralized. "
Ok, I am posting it but I removed the name. I like the idea but you would somehow need to hook into something like Slashdot that would give you a large enough userbase t do something like this with (and this could easily tie into the Zoo system).
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