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Installing Slash 2.2.0 with MySQL 3.22 works?

posted by Krow on 12:26 PM November 14th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Mike writes "Just thought I'd mention that (contrary to what's written in the FAQ), you *can* install Slash 2.2.0 without needing to upgrade your MySQL 3.22 environment to 3.23.

The bin/install-slashsites script will generate a bunch of MySQL errors, which you'll need to fix. Main problems are :

1. in sql/schema.sql : some fields (uid,ipid,subnetid,op,matchname) in various tables that are used as key, but not declared as NOT NULL.
Easiest way to find those errors is to simply try to run 'mysql -u USER -p DB <schema.sql' from command line and fix problems as they appear, rather than going via the install-slashsites each time.
2. in sql/defaults.sql : a missing ; at the end of line 408 I suppose this would cause problems in 3.23 as well ?
3. in plugins/Journal/mysql_prep and plugins/Search/mysql_prep, comment out the "ALTER TABLE ... add fulltext ..." lines

Once that's done, your site will install without problems, and the default start site will show up correctly. I've never used SlashCode before, but there don't seem to be any (visible) problems in terms of functionality so far...

Hopefully it'll stay that way :)"
Check your search, it will not work. Same for something with comments...

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