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Could I Preserve My Database If ...

posted by Krow on 11:47 AM June 27th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
bMan writes "O.K. Here is the deal. I am really itching to upgrade my RH box to 7.1 which is simply awesome (in my humble opinion). What keeps me back, however, is my slash site. I am now on version 1.0.9 (I believe this is the right version number) and would really like to migrate to version 2 (hence another reason for switching to 7.1).

I downloaded slash code for version 2 and the readme file referred me to 1x upgrades file which was a PERL script. After trying to run it, it complained about missing some PERL modules (I guess, some new things have been added). So, for now, my thought was how about starting from scratch in the new installation and maybe then, there is a way of importing my old database in from previous slash code.

So, my question is, what tables would I have to convert to make it happen? I don't care about the authors at this point or archived articles becase everything right now is in MySQL tables anyway.

If that's not the right way to approach it, I 'fear' there will be long and sleepless nights ahead of me... :-)"

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  • 1. backup your mysql databases
    2. backup your http tree
    3. backup your server.
    4. do 1-3 again.
    5. use mysqldump and dump the mysql database
          that slash1.09 uses. keep that file, and the
 file handy.
    then wipe the box.
    install redhat7.1
    install mysql
    install cpan & Bundle::Slash & other perl modules
    restore your old slashdatabase from the mysqldump in step #5.
    install slash2
    setup DBIx::Password
    use install-slashsite to install a new slashsite into slash2
    use the slash1toslash2 script to copy the data from the restored (old) mysql slash database to the new slash2 site mysql database.

    and, when you setup DBIx::Password make *damn* sure the mysql database name for your new slash2 site is DIFFERENT from the old one. (ie most of the time it's named 'slash')

    lottadot []
  • by Anonymous Coward
  • Thanks. I will print these instructions and study them :-) No, seriously now. Thanks. Now, the only thing left is to find some time to do all this....