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Banner ads

posted by Krow on 07:51 AM March 8th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I'm not so familiar with perl but I was thinking of going with Slashcode (over Postnuke) anyway because my site is (optimistically) going to generate a lot of usage. At this point, though, what may make or break my decision is whether I can easily (enough) serve up banner ads. I did a search on Slashcode for banner ads and there was no conclusive advice. Is there any (or more) workable banner ad module for Slashcode? Does anyone know if the various slash hosts help you install new modules such as these?
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  • For stock-slash, to show ads, you do two things:

    1. Edit your template(s) and insert your add code. (ie header;misc;default []).

    2. Then you turn on your run_ads variable.

    Now, if you're looking for slash to *manage* your add showing, your campaigns, etc, stock as is, then no, you're not going to find that. (I recommend adcycle [] for easy use. Atleast, that's what we use.

    lottadot []
  • I use it. It's not flashy, but it's a good start and fairly full fetured. When you get to the point that traffic demands a full ad system.. look at upgrading then.