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Creating Authors?

posted by Krow on 11:08 AM June 7th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
zapatero writes "I'm looking for help. I've installed Slash 2.0.0 and things seem happy enough with a few exceptions, namely: I cannot create Authors.

What I have been doing is loading the admin page for Authors, entering the AID for an existing singed up user and then pressing "Create Author". I tried many combos of things, but nothing.

The most interesting scenario is I select "Create Author" first, then enter an Aid, and etc, and then press "Save Author". Under this scenario the post delivers a blank page (/ In error_log I get this:

Can't locate object method "createAuthor" via package "Slash::DB" at /usr/local/slash/site/sa/htdocs/ line 331.

And at line 331 in is:

if ($slashdb->createAuthor($form->{thisaid})) ...

I grepped every .pl and .pm file I have and there's no method called createAuthor.

Am I missing something? How do you create an Author?

I could drop into mySQL and create the author by hand.

It's inthe users_param table, is that correct?


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