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Summaries of Discussion

posted by Krow on 06:30 AM March 20th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
A useful feature would be a way for Users to be able to summarise the discussion of a story.

Similar to a Usenet groups' FAQ, a user should be able to select the posts they think are best and to be able to create their own selection list.

Not knowing Slashcode, i would assume that just linking StoryID, UserID and a list of PostIDs would be all the storage requirements needed.

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  • There was a recent discussion about summaries one of the geek sites. Maybe it was slashdot - here:
    Computers Summarize the News [].

    Somewhere someone mentioned a perl CPAN module that does some sort of text summarization. I think I've got it written down at work. (If you know what I'm referring to please post a link or the name of it. I just did a search on cpan for 'text summary' and got squat).

    What would be cool would be two things:

    1) When you view a story, have a summary-box on the right, that takes the 5 highest mod'd posts and summarizes and concatenates it into a few small blurbs for that box. This would be automated to run every 15 minutes.

    2) After a story has been online for XX days (or has expired) it would be sweet if the author could use a similar tool to post a summary of the findings of the story - maybe use the top 10 moderated posts or something, plus any add'l information or events that has happened since the story was created.

    Sorta lika a followup. This would be a great timesaver for people who were interested in the story (maybe even read all the comments and posted one or two comments) when they first saw the story. But that was weeks ago. Now they've forgetten all about the discussion, and, odds are, will never come back to it.

    lottadot []