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Performance issues with Slash

posted by CaptTofu on 09:39 AM June 23rd, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
darmox writes "Well, I finally managed to get Slash running on my system(It seems to be broken again, but it worked for a little while, anyways, and that's not the issue right now.) Anyway, while it was running, performance was EXTREMELY poor. Yes, I was running the web-browser on the same system, with X and gnome, whole-nine-yards-- would that be a major part of this? I didn't have tiem to test it from another system(probably will this afternoon.)

The reason I ask this-- I am currently running on a P200, 64mb ram, ide(groan),when I have the site a bit more complete, we plan on putting it on a Sparc 5, (I think it's a 70mhz, and it'll have as much ram as we can toss at it--at least 32, probably 64 or more, and SCSI drives(older ones, probably narrow.)

So, should I expect performance to be fair on this? It will probably be running only slash, ssh, and sendmail(or something like that)-- as little as possible... also, what should I plan on giving it for ram? Should I just go hog-wild and get an older P2 loaded with ram for it?(trying to keep this on a budget--we already have the sparc to toss it on.) This is expected to be a fairly low traffic site, I would guess under a thousand hits/day, at least to start.

Thanks for any help you can offer."

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've just recently given up trying to install slashcode on a Sparc5 running Solaris 2.6, 96M RAM. The site worked, but only about 20% of the time. Ate up too much resources, mainly mySql was the hog. Make sure you have a big swap. I moved it to an Ultra60, and it purrs like a kitten.
  • Thank's for the ideas and such... so, a 70mhz sparc should be able to do pretty decent, assuming I load it up with a ton of ram? That sounds good to me:) I love the idea of running it on a Sparc, cause I know the hardware will run forever(I love sun stuff:)) I suppose the main problem I was seeing with it was all the other stuff I had running. Thanks.
  • I just recently got my site running ( ExtraCrispy.Net []) and it seems to be quite happy on a 533Mhz Celeron system w/ 64MB of RAM on a T1 and Redhat 6.2. Soon I will be moving the site to its permanant server which is a Pentium 233Mhz with 128MB of EDO RAM and Redhat 6.2. This server will also run some 5 other websites but I think it will be able to handle it. FYI
  • My Process Manager reckons that for Slash you need to dedicate a basic 15MB RAM to it just to get to hello dude. Then an additional 11MB for each additional httpd instance you want to run. This can be set using MinSpareServers, etc. in your httpd.conf file (default is 20) so rip the shit out of it while you're developing. It'll grow with your database but not much.

    I've had Slash run on a laptop w/64MB RAM and a PII 200MHz or thereabouts. With no GUI, and the number of servers in httpd.conf cut down to 2 it was slow but ok for development. I don't think it would cut it on an intranet. The dynamic pages always seem to need loads of disk IO.

    BTW, I'm new to Linux so I haven't tailored the kernel or any fly shit like that .

    If you're planning to move future sites from development machine to live machine, it might be worth following the advice in point 9 of the install instructions about installing all the modules in the Apache directory. I guess this won't work if you're switching platforms though (e.g. Intel-Sparc).

    I haven't got a live implementation for you to check out but maybe someone could detail their hardware spec/url/bandwidth/distro? Cheers.