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Universal Slash Login

posted by Krow on 06:40 AM January 24th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
I've been posting to a number of slash sites for a rather long time, and I've had a thought (although it will probably be proven to be crazy). Would it be at all possible to some how create a universal login for a group of Slash sites?

I'm looking at this from the point of convenience, as one log in to rule them all would be great. YASS could pop up and existing members of the (perhaps distributed) slash members DB could start posting right away, taking their Karma and preferences with them. Or perhaps not trying to be as fancy, even a centralised user database from which user details could be imported - for example, when signing up for a new site, you could have an option saying "import my user deatils from site x", at which time you enter your username and password for site x.

I realise that this may require quite a bit of planning in terms of compatibility across different versions of Slash, but just how tricky would it be to do such a thing? What draw backs would there be to such a scheme, and would anyone actually want something like this?

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  • I'm not sure about the karma - would it make sense for someone who posts regularly to /. be considered a "contributing member" (this is how I understand the karma system, anyway) to a site on, say, health care for chipmunks?

    Definately, the basic user DB would be a good way to start, even as a proof of wouldn't take a horrible level of time and effort to implement this, and then see if anybody uses it.

    I can definately see the uses...and some potential pitfalls. Security would be something to
    • Not to mention the potential for abuse. Say, for example, like slashdot where the editors will modbomb things into non-existance even when the community rates them up. This would have a negative effect on someone who used the same login at other sites. On the other side of that coin, what would stop someone from setting up a slashsite, rating themselves very highly there, and then trying to abuse their now high karma on other sites?

      This might work with other systems, but until the horribly broken moderation system in slash is replaced wholesale with something that works better, (like the mojo system in Scoop [] for example) I just don't see how this would be anything more than a tool for trolls to abuse.

      "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender
  • So, your plan is to compete with MS Passport or Hailstorm?
  • This would require "participating" sites to add links to the create-user pages of the other sites that use the current site's info to fill in the page at another. The user just clicks 'submit' and has the same login name, email, etc. as the orgiginal site.

    It would also be desirable to copy additional information from the original site, but that gets a lot more dicy. Friend and foe lists, sure, but it requires that the user lists are already fairly equivalent to work. Karma? This should be under the control of the importing site, so you could give someone a bonus point because they have one at slashdot and rely on the large, active community to kill off the trolls. Abusers would not want cross-site exchange of karma, unless they can automagically transfer karma from to other more popular ones.

    If you want to also share some preference data, your going to have to do some serious thinking about which ones reasonably transfer, and probably synchronize how those preferences are named to make things easy.