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Is slash hosting available?

posted by Krow on 11:22 PM November 1st, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Anonymous Coward writes "I would like to administer some slash sites, but I don't want to run them on my machine. Does anyone offer slash hosting--free or otherwise? Perhaps someone has already produced a nice list of vendors."
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  • I sure do []. Lowest price that I know of, at least for smaller sites. And I use mod_gzip to lower costs (yours and mine) further and the server has great connectivity!

    Yoder Internet Development []: Honest and Affordable Web Solutions
  • I've been wanting to set up slash on our []colo servers anyway- so sure, I'll offer it, too. Lots cheaper, fewer features, (no mod_banner of mod_gzip- yet) and the caveat that I've only set up 2 slash sites in the past year or so. (both for consulting gigs)

    We're really cheap because we're basically a group of friends hosting various things (web, hotline, quicktime streaming) for fun- so if you need 24/7 service and an extremely high level of professionalism, look elsewhere- probably to our more pricey friend above. If, however, you need fairly affordable service and a decent amount of space for an affordable price, we're game.

    • $20 setup; $13 a month (1GB usage)250mb
    • private ftp
    • 25 email addresses
    • webmail
    • dns hosting with up to 5 name based apache sites

    Tack on Hotline or QuickTime Streaming for $5 and $10 a month, respectively.

    I'm really busy this week so it'll probably be Tue or Wed before we're ready to go live.

    Pay for 3 mos in advance and I'll pay your domain registration.

    • wow, looks like you have my price beat. :-)

      Seriously though, you might want to re-think that price. Slash sites take more hardware (RAM mainly) than is initially apparent. If you're paying any significant amount monthly for the box, I don't really see it making any sense at all to charge less than I do.

      For the record, I'm currently a one-person shop myself, so I can't always be 24/7 responsive, but I am serious about making customers happy, and from what I've seen, they seem to be.

      Yoder Internet Development []: Honest and Affordable Web Solutions
      • We're not really out to make too much money. If resources start getting low, we'll quit selling sites until we bring our next server online. None of our prices are really THAT profitable; for instance QuickTime Streaming is VERY resource intensive- more so per client than slash could ever be. None of us are accountants or businesspeople; we feel it out as things come along. We'll keep this pricing up to n customers, (n to be decided later this weekend over xn beers. At n customers well stop and evaluate lo