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Slash moderatorlog table a black hole of mystery

posted by Krow on 11:50 AM September 23rd, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
Does anyone have the lowdown on the sturcture of the moderatorlog table? I assume this keeps track of individual moderations, etc. but part of the structure puzzles me:

uid - moderator uid

val - ??

sid - Story ID? (or discussion id?)

ts - ??

cid - comment id

cuid - uid of the comment poster (??)

reason - mod reason ("offtopic", etc.)

active - ??

m2count - number of metamods on this mod?

If anyone has some insight into thie table structure, or can confirm or deny some of my guesses, it would help me a lot.

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  • the first thing you should do, obviously:

    mysql> describe moderatorlog;

    sorry, the filter is killing the results from that, otherwise I'd post it. But through it, you see things like ts = timestamp, etc.
    lottadot []
  • id = moderation's id. the metamodlog.mmid column points to

    uid = moderator's uid

    val = -1 for downmod, +1 for upmod

    ts = timestamp of the moderation

    cid = comment id the mod applies to

    sid = discussion ID of the comment the mod applies to (redundant information, breaks normalization, oh well)

    cuid = uid of the comment poster, look, we break normalization again! we suck!

    reason = reason for the moderation (see the modreasons table)

    active = 1 if the moderation is active, 0 if not. most mods are active. a mod may be inactive because it was an attempt to up/downmod a comment already at max/minimum, or because the moderator later posted to the same discussion, turning all earlier mods inactive retroactively

    m2count = number of metamods on this mod

    m2status = 0 if the mod is still being metamodded, 1 if the mod is all done being metamodded but hasn't been reconciled yet, or 2 if the mod is all done being metammodded and has been reconciled ("reconciling" is the process where all the metamods are tallied up and the consequences dealt out to everyone)